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Mental health services for corporate clients

About us

Аtelier Affect is a center for psychological counseling, psychotherapy and support. Our mission is to offer specialized professional services in the field of mental and emotional well-being. Most of our therapists can conduct the sessions in English.

Practice shows that hardships and painful experiences are something that can be explored and rethought. Working with a psychotherapist helps to better understand one's own psyche and leads to the alleviation of difficulties, to the improvement of personal relationships and the individual way of life in general.

Our team specializes and is trained in the psychodynamic approach in therapy. It aims to deepen the self-knowledge and understanding the impact of the past on current behavior and states of mind. Psychodynamic therapy focuses on what happens beyond the conscious thoughts and feelings and how it plays a role in the life failures and the mental suffering in the present.

Atelier Affect works according to the ethical principles of the profession and respects human rights and dignity. The confidentiality of each client is guaranteed. We work in cooperation with professional clinics and practices and provide the opportunity to use comprehensive services in the care system.